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VR technology to create progressive lens, by JAI KUDO LENSES

At MIDO, visitors will have an opportunity to try out the KUDOS experience, a virtual reality technology which creates a progressive lens designed using the wearer’s gaze dynamics.
The KUDOS VR Headset intelligently captures the exact way a patient looks at objects and the world around them. KUDOS analyses all points and directions of gaze, capturing near, intermediate and distance focal lengths. The outcome is a KUDOS lens offering wider natural vision, with minimal oblique astigmatism, the company explains.
KUDOS technology paves the way in a new era of personalised dispensing, according to the company producing the technology, JAI KUDO LENSES. Conventional methods of BVD, panto and bow are used in conjunction with the unique KUDOS technology to provide a bespoke progressive lens tailored to each individual. Suitable for new and existing progressive wearers, Kudos offers a fully personalised dispensing solution.


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