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VANNI and FONDA: a new collaboration

Eyewear company VANNI and FONDA – a company specialising in the development of advanced optical solutions to help people maintain their visual abilities even in the presence of eye diseases – have joined forces in the VANNI FONDA partnership. The collaboration between the two companies has led to the creation of a new line of VANNI FONDA sunglasses, featuring the first FONDA sun lenses with Retinal Index, created for the benefit of the person’s well-being in the long term.

The lenses, which are characterized by a high level of retinal protection from sunlight, are the result of a project by FONDA’s research and development department and based on a scientific study carried out by the CNR. 

VANNI+FONDA_modello Bra_blu

The research led to the definition of a numerical parameter capable of measuring the effectiveness of a lens in reducing the risk of retinal damage caused by exposure to UV, UVB, and blue light from the sun. The higher the Retinal Index®, the higher the protection. On the basis of this indication, FONDA and VANNI have On the basis of this indication, FONDA and VANNI have created a collection of six sunglass styles with a contemporary design, in acetate and metal, in unisex or masculine shapes, each one available in three colours, to fit every taste.

The models in the collection are fitted with the FONDA sun lenses – Giada, Emeralda, and Ambra – designed to offer the best possible vision and the best quality of eye and retinal protection. The aim was to combine the ability to safeguard people’s visual well-being in the long term with great aesthetic value, in a range which represented “a concrete response to the emerging need of those people who have an active focus on health and style”.

VANNI+FONDA_modello Lerici

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