Veero® launches EyeSize

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March 20, 2023

AI-software innovator Veero® introduces Veero® EyeSize, a virtual-fit solution for eyewear retailers that uses a combination of proprietary AI and computer-vision technology to deliver precise frame fitting, reduce returns, and optimize the online shopping experience. Veero® EyeSize instantly recognizes hundreds of points on a customer’s face, generating accurate measurements, including pupillary distance, with just a few swipes on any device, explains the tech company. The high level of accuracy and cross-platform ease-of-use are significant advances in online eyewear shopping, which has struggled with customer fit and merchandise returns, they say. Veero® EyeSize integrates with retailers’ online platforms, providing customers with a quick and easy fitting session within the shopping experience. The application calculates precise distances between facial features to optimize frame recommendations for the best fit and comfort. 
The leading-edge solution is built on technology originally developed by AI, computer-vision, and AR scientists at Charles River Analytics to customize military and first responders’ lifesaving personal protection equipment. According to Veero® Co-Founder and CTO Stan German, Veero® EyeSize resulted from his own frustration with online eyewear shopping. “I’ve been through it all buying glasses online”, he said. “Choosing frames should be fun, but I’ve gotten headaches from the wrong PD measurement, frames that are too big, frames that pinch; I’ve ordered four pairs and returned them all. As a research scientist working on computer perception, I knew we had technology to solve these issues for retailers and their customers”. Veero® EyeSize launched at Vision Expo East 2023. 

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