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May 11, 2022

SKUGGA Technology's CEO Mikael Eriksson says 2022 is an important year for innovation in smart glasses technology and that the future is bright in this ground-breaking new segment of the eyewear business. "At SKUGGA, we believe that smart glasses will offer many different opportunities and capabilities, in the very near future," he explains in an interview in March. "But of course there is definitely some way to go! As a functional device, smart glasses need to be designed to bring the user a range of real functional benefits. In our opinion at SKUGGA, smart glasses will have an important role in assisting us in our daily activities monitoring our body performances and the surrounding environment." In 2022, Eriksson says that the company is growing its team, moving to larger offices, streamlining its collaboration with McLaren Vision and L'Amy Luxe and, in general, moving things forward - always concentrating on organic growth. "Smart glasses are already a reality and a growing part of the glasses business... If this technology is going to be a success it must meet the basic need to have prescription (or sun) lenses fitted - whilst offering great design that people will want to be seen wearing. Our position in the market enables us to work with designers to develop products which can combine both these worlds."  

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