SAFILENS: launch of
NEXTA range

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May 17, 2022

Safilens has announced the launch of the NEXTA contact lens care range in Italy, the result of a partnership with Esoform srl, a Venetian company specialising in the production and marketing of solutions for contact lens care. Three new solutions were launched in March for Italian optical retailers: Nexta Peroxyde, Nexta Cleaner and Nexta Routine. Nexta Peroxyde is a solution containing stabilized hydrogen peroxide (3%), as an active ingredient with disodium EDTA, sodium chloride and buffer, supplied together with a lens holder with platinum disc as a catalyst for the neutralization of the peroxide solution. With the use of the lens holder and neutralization through the platinum disk, this solution not only disinfects, cleans and removes proteins and deposits but also, when used regularly, guarantees complete disinfection of the lenses. Nexta Cleaner is for daily cleaning of rigid gas permeable contact lenses; manages to dissolve the deposits that collect on contact lenses when they are worn, softening and emulsifying them until they are removed. The third product, Nexta Routine, is a sterile, isotonic solution, containing Polyhexamethylenebiguanide (PHMBG) 0.00005%, which allows you to perform various operations that are part of the regular maintenance of all types of rigid gas permeable contact lenses. Thanks to the synergy that is established between the active ingredients and the innovative components, it has a highly disinfectant, preservative and preservative action.

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