BioPC™ Lens

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April 21, 2021

Polyray has partnered with Sabic to introduce its BioPC™ Lens, a polycarbonate lens based on certified renewable feedstock. “Polyray is the first in the lens industry to offer a renewable PC lens for our customers in order to keep up with the trend towards more sustainability in the development of plastic lens components,” said Jessica Chen, Commercial Director at Polyray. “By producing lenses using renewable resources, we can make a huge sustainability impact. We are very happy to partner with SABIC, whose polycarbonate based on certified renewable feedstock ensures that the customer does not have to make a compromise design and application requirements for Polyray’s profiles made of SABIC’s material remain the same,” Chen continued. Based on Sabic’s cradle-to-gate peer-reviewed LCA study, use of SABIC’s polycarbonate resin can potentially result in reductions in carbon footprint of up to 61% and fossil depletion reduction of up to 35%. Since the launch of our BioPC™ lens this year in February we have had a lot of interest shown in the solution from a broad range of eyewear brands. It provides identical product specification to traditional PC lens, such as outstanding impact resistance and high optical quality but with an environmental profile. BioPC™ can be used as a sunglass lens, demo lens and many other lens applications such as polarized, photochromic and anti blue light lenses – perfect for sport, lifestyle, safety glasses and also snow goggles,” concluded Chen.


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