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April 21, 2021

The new OCULUS Myopia Master® is described as the first device to combine all the key measurement methods for myopia management in a myopia analysis software: axial length, automated refraction and the central corneal radii. The Myopia Master® comes with a seven steps guide that makes myopia management easy and straightforward, according to Oculus. In October 2019, OCULUS teamed up with the Brien Holden Vision Institute (BHVI) in Australia. BHVI’s algorithms were incorporated into the Myopia Master® for tracking and estimating refractive error and biometric parameters. Axial length measurement today is regarded by experts as the gold standard for myopia management and a must for every myopia expert. This quick, contactless and accurate measurement method is not influenced by the accommodation status of the eye and delivers reproducible results also in children. Axial length is the only parameter with which the progress of myopia can be monitored over time after fitting Ortho-K lenses. The OCULUS Myopia Master® creates a myopia report for each patient, giving due consideration to such myopia risk factors as having myopic parents, time spent outdoors or time spent on near-vision activities. In this way the Myopia Master® assists in educating the patient, unobtrusively helping them want to return. The Myopia Master® can be mounted on a workstation or on an ophthalmic table. The software can be operated either directly via the display or from a connected computer.

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