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November 08, 2018

Completing the fusion 7days family

Daniele Bazzocchi, General Manager, Safilens

Italian contact lens company Safilens continues to innovate in the weekly segment.

20/20 Europe spoke to Daniele Bazzocchi, General Manager, Safilens on the launch of two new lenses, fusion 7days presbyo and fusion 7days astigma.

Q: Safilens has announced the debut of fusion 7days presbyo and fusion 7days astigma - the new weekly contact lenses for presbyopia and astigmatism. Please comment on these new additions?

A: We are very proud of the launch of these two new products that complete the fusion 7days family.
We’ve always carefully considered the needs and feedback of CL wearers and the weekly segment seems to be the next best option to DD. In a marketplace where pricing and professionalism might take different tracks a weekly replacement hydrogel CL with the benefits of fusiontechnology™ is a great opportunity for practitioners to differentiate their offer and for customers to have a safer and more hygienic modality without incurring unwanted or unexpected costs.

Q: What is the innovative design behind fusion 7days presbyo?

A: fusion 7days presbyo is based on Safilens’ patented afocal design, a completely new approach to the optics of CL for presbyopia. The lens is not multifocal nor progressive, it is characterized by a tiny on-axis hyper-refractive area that avoids paraxial light to participate in the construction of the image on the retina.
This particular EDOF design has multiple benefits: the results are immediate, just like a spherical lens, whilst fitting a multifocal requires time dedication and patience and an active role of the wearer in adapting to simultaneous vision.
The afocal design is not influenced by pupil size and uses more than 95% of the incoming light for the formation of images, therefore it does not underperform in dimmed light situations.

Q: And the purpose of the LacriMass™ design?

A: The LacriMass™ design provides a constant and consistent tear film over the entire surface of the lens, thanks to the slow and continuous release of the active ingredients (Hyaluronic Acid and Tamarind Seed Polysaccharide-TSP) from the front surface of the lens, even in the peripheral areas where most of the mechanical stress related to the wear of CLs occur.
The two natural polymers enrich the natural tear, avoid evaporation and promote the growth of the epithelial cells reducing CLIDE symptoms and improving a comfortable and long lasting wearer experience.

Q: The toric fusion 7days astigma lens features Safilens’ Sleekform design. How does this outperform other contact lenses?

A: The Sleekform design is a pure prism. This means that the lens does not have any augmented thickness areas for stabilization purposes.
The minimal off-shift between interior and exterior curves provides the thinnest toric lens design in the market so far, with a quick and consistent stabilization without ballasts or dynamic stoppers.

Q: Where are the lenses going to be available in Europe? Is the roll out gradual across different countries?

A: The initial launch took place in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria just a few weeks ago and products will be progressively available to all the countries where our products are distributed. Planning the introduction is made in cooperation with distributors in order to proactively coordinate efforts.

\\ fusion 7days astigma / fusion 7days presbyo / the spherical version: fusion 7days


Q: The statement about the launch refers to cost benefits of the lens. Please give more details.

A: fusion 7days is available in packs of 12 lenses in all designs, which means a 3 month supply in each box. This format is easily comparable to bi-weeklies or monthlies revenue packs commonly available in the market. At a comparable price, wearers get 2 to 4 times as many lenses with added value perception.

Q: Explain the use of the Sonic Wave Generator? How does this work?

A: The Sonic Wave Generator (SWG) is a lens case accessory that, thanks to a sonication process, helps to remove deposits and lipids from the lens surface. This device avoids the rinse and rub procedure and supports the wearer’s compliance to the maintenance procedure.
The mechanical vibrations are provided by a USB rechargeable base where the lens container is fixed by magnets. Overnight, while being disinfected by the multipurpose solution, the CLs’ surface is cleaned and refreshed.

Q: How does completing the weekly segment of the Fusion line affect business in the short term/immediately and what can we expect from Safilens in 2019?

A: Safilens opens a new path in the weekly segment, a real alternative to frequent replacement CLs. From the very beginning, the response of ECPs has been outstanding, and we’re sure they were waiting for something new and unique. Besides the known afocal and Sleekform designs, already available in other Safilens’ segments, the CLs benefit from the added value of this simple, yet appealing, wearing modality. We expect this segment to gain trust and we will put the greatest effort into making this happen. The next 6 months will be a challenging benchmark but we are confident in our choice and our proposition.

Q: Describe your most recent partnership with the AnyWave maxi yacht.

A: For the second year in a row, Safilens has confirmed their partnership with the AnyWave maxi yacht and is once again their main sponsor for the entire 2018 racing season. This is a great visibility opportunity for us, as our brand is showcased on the yacht and can be promoted during some of the most important sailing events. It also allows us to support social commitment through Intersos, an Italian humanitarian organization operating all over the world to bring assistance to victims of natural disasters and armed conflicts, for which AnyWave has been an ambassador since 2015.

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