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Author: Ester Alonso

Interview of the Month
January 24, 2019

Peter Bulte, Managing Director

Avizor was founded in Madrid in 1981 dedicated to manufacturing contact lens solutions.

Its successful work in this field has meant that it is currently present in more than 70 countries.

Peter Bulte, Sales and Managing Director, explains his future projects to 20/20 Europe.

Q: What have been Avizor's main achievements in the last 30 years?

A: The company’s DNA is based on continuous investment to improve our manufacturing process and R&D development.
In 2012 Avizor took over a Dutch laboratory and in 2013, the factory moved to a new bigger and up-to-date production plant, to be prepared for the new changes in the regulations of Medical Device products. Nowadays, we are the contact lens care category specialist and worldwide reference and player in the sector; we are still adding new important markets like China and Brazil.
We are working hard on new product areas related to Ocular Health products without forgetting to consistently develop the Contact lens care products we actually offer.

Q: What defines Avizor's philosophy?

A: Mainly innovation and quality, in order to meet the needs of all markets in the best possible way. We are also very customer- oriented, which forces us to be flexible (in terms of solutions, volumes and quantities), and very specialised in taking on new products and trends.

Q: What could you tell us about the latest business changes in Avizor?

A: In our continuous process of growth and internationalization, we have managed to be present in very important new markets, such as Brazil and China, with important quality requirements, as well as creating two new subsidiaries for direct markets in France and England. For this purpose the structure of Avizor has been improved in a committed way, and the staff has increased to almost 200 people, in addition to having planned an expansion of the facilities for this 2019.
Avizor is becoming a benchmark in the sector; for this we have developed new products focused on eye health, and contact lens care for ortho-k and scleral lenses.

Q: What are Avizor's main markets?

A: Our main market is the European Union, especially Germany, Spain, France and Benelux; but our products are available globally, with a very important presence in China, Brazil, Russia and Argelia, for example.

Q: What could you tell us about Avizor's presence at opti Munich?

A: Germany is our most important market, beside that also other German speaking countries like Austria and Switzerland.
As with every opti Munich edition, we want to start the new year presenting our new ideas to local and international visitors.
Avizor will be presenting a new extension of our broad ocular health range, more specifically two new products in multidose format and preservative free, for dry eye symptoms. Due to the aging of the population, dry eye is an increasingly present pathology. Avizor develops new products aimed at covering the different needs of all customers and decreasing the percentage of contact lens dropouts: artificial tears with high quality hyaluronic acid that guarantee a high efficiency of the product.

Q: How do you see the future of the contact lens market?

A: The contact lenses market continues to grow throughout the world. Myopia is increasing and is expected to affect 50% of the population. Myopia control and scleral contact lenses will cover an increasingly important number of users, who will need good quality contact lens care and ocular health products.

Q: Where would you like Avizor to be in the long term?

A: With the new expansion, we will be able to double our production in 2019. We are growing in the right direction to establish ourselves as a world leader in Contact Lens Care and an important player in ocular health.


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