Sustainable trends: 23° EYEWEAR’s eco-friendly Collection previews in Italy

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April 06, 2021

A new eco-friendly circular-design sunglasses line called 23° Eyewear, a project by Italian eyewear manufacturer Mirage and Studio Russo launches in Italy this month. The collection is said to represent “a new ethical vision of man in regards to planet Earth” and is based on the principle of circular design. The collection consists of a series of 23 genderless sunglasses with ‘pure’ shapes that recall the geometries found in nature with high quality Barberini mineral lenses, realized in 4 formulas that have been especially studied for this line. Each frame is made of NEOCLEUS, an exclusive bio-based material, in tandem with ‘high tech manufacture’ and what the company describes as “an innovative and sustainable production process that allows for further recycling” -  producing zero waste. In a statement about the philosophy the Mirage team said, “Awareness, will and action: our aim is to preserve and cure our Planet, choosing to act with consciousness. We have created a symbiosis between man and the environment, with a continuous flow of endless energy that transforms itself, evolving and creating the new.” Further details about the collection will be released in the weeks ahead.

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