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April 14, 2021

Nirvan Javan announces their new series of frames in the PARIS collection, inspired by the charm and artistic bohemian spirit of the city and its magnificent buildings. According to the company, with this collection, the brand once again celebrates its stylistic journey around the globe and expands its design cosmos. The six delicate acetate models are characterised by  a glossy finish, effects of transparency and five different neutral and natural colours of black, Havana, brown, grey, dark pink, rose and transparent. The unique nonchalance of the cosmopolitan city of Paris served as inspiration for this collection. By incorporating these expressive attributes of the cosmopolitan metropolis into its design, Nirvan Javan demonstrates another cosmopolitan facet in its approach, which embodies “a philosophy of diversity and freedom that knows no boundaries”. Acetate and filigree designs are the main stylistic elements of the PARIS collection. Glossy acetate provides the PARIS collection with a timeless modern flair and underlines the individual expression of its wearer, according to the designer.

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