OVVO OPTICS inspires hope, optimism and a new beginning

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April 14, 2021

A new campaign by the eyewear brand OVVO Optics has been unveiled for the 2021 Spring/Summer campaign. Entitled Retrogradation – reference to the apparent temporary reverse in the motion of a planet – the campaign was inspired by the collective experience of the last year of global pandemic, when the world encountered an unprecedented reversal of motion in a sudden, extended isolation. According to the brand, this isolation carried over into our imaginations as we witnessed new breakthroughs in space travel, as many wondered if the colonization of space was finally shifting from science fiction to a near-reality. The imagery in OVVO’s campaign introduces a new and distant world, an unknown planet – a world much like the one we’ve inhabited since the pandemic began. The washing light from the planet’s four suns, streaming through natural geographic formations in pastel tones, symbolizes hope, optimism, and a new beginning.
On location in Fuerteventura
Created in a remote part of Fuerteventura – one of the Spanish Canary Islands, the shoot location was in fact formed in a volcanic eruption 20 million years ago. The near-primitive, unchanged landscape and active volcanic status give the island an otherworldly character that truly feels like a distant, dreamlike planet elsewhere in our universe.

Aligning with this concept, OVVO’s origins are also described as “steming from interplanetary-inspiration, as they incorporate materials discovered in spacecraft development into their frames.” OVVO produces designs that are characterized by ultra-durable, featherlight metal composites, with patented screwless hinges. The avant-garde style of the frames has become an indelible element of the OVVO trademark.
History of OVVO Optics
Founded in 2011, OVVO Optics creates high-performance, technologically advanced eyewear made to meet the highest standards of durability, style, and comfort. Family-owned and operated, each pair is handcrafted in Europe, implementing patented innovations and award-winning design in a meticulous production process, refined over decades.


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