Minimal combinations of metal and colour at JF REY

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April 14, 2021

A new collection at JF Rey introduces the idea of a committed vision in elegant and assertive minimalism. Driven by a desire for lightness, optimism, bold colours and creative, striking silhouettes the line includes nylor frames, semi-rimless, or full-metal designs and a wide variety of shapes and styles enhanced by new graphic combinations and ever more ingenious detail. The sleek aesthetic conceals complex technical work which requires much research to attain combinations of materials in the use of stainless steel, aluminum or titanium. Among the models, the design house highlights models JF2921 and JF2922 – optical styles which are described as well-balanced classical design achieved in contemporary touches of colour and graphic compositions. The flowing lines (JF2921) or stricter ones (JF2922) assemble horizontally on the front and create a structure the silhouette. Bi-coloration in lively or industrial tones bring a strong statement style to the look.

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