Lightweight, flexible design by TIDOU EYEWEAR

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April 02, 2021

Award-winning minimalist brand Tidou Eyewear are specialists in making glasses in beta titanium - a material which offers excellent flexibility and ultra lightweight design. The wearer can appreciate the feel of the glasses, the weightlessness and comfort, and the unique design; the company has obtained design patents in many countries to achieve the quality and precision of the design now offered. Tidou’s patented construction is characterized by a hinge which is free from screws. Their creative concept “PAUSE” gives each frame a unique identity that is both minimalistic and simple and quick to assemble. For the Spring season, Tidou’s latest releases include models TT49 to TT51, frames that combine beta titanium and memory metal, forming an extraordinary combination that is both light and innovative. The new frame design is very flexible and resilient to wear and tear – an ideal combination. Tidou Eyewear was founded in 2016. The brand won the 2020 Good Design Award in Japan, an affirmation of the quality of their designs which are focused around qualities such as simplicity, quality and durability.

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