J.F. REY releases Enigma collection for men

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March 22, 2023

A new collection called ENIGMA is released by the French eyewear brand J.F. Rey, designed for men. The line represents the latest evolution of the brand’s iconic “DOUBLE COMBI” concept and features hybrid shapes in metal and acetate. Describing the products as being created with highly meticulous assembly, emblematic graphic detailing, and signature tone-on-tone compositions, the concept is part of a design approach centered on a mood of subtle masculinity and charm, one that is sober and discreet, but still modern and elegant, say the designers. For this concept, some special colour schemes were also developed, highlighting a tone-on-tone aesthetic on both metal and acetate. Blurred and slightly textured materials such as horn and marble effects fuse with combinations of soft grey/midnight blue or beetle green/camel, combinations which at times are enhanced by touches of electric colour.


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