Italian label LOOK - MADE IN ITALIA releases high-end combination design

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April 23, 2021

LOOK–made in Italia has released its new COMBI by MATERIKA, a high-end optical frame offering a combination of modern design and innovative materials. The series comprises three optical frames – a women’s panto, a square unisex and a man’s style with a double-bridge – featuring the blend of two ultra-modern materials crafted through the company’s ongoing research. Most of the frame is produced in Xinox hypoallergenic steel, while the top rim is in Alumix an exclusive, totally recyclable, high-tech, latest-generation alloy of magnesium and aluminum. 

The colour variations highlight the difference between the two materials, lending a unique touch of personality to the frames. All the new COMBI styles by MATERIKA are designed in tune with MATERIKA’s focus on ultra-lightweight, hypoallergenic, elastic and durable products; they are also traceable because they’re made entirely in Italy by LOOK-made in Italia.

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