ICONS: new Gail Spence edition celebrates PRODESIGN heritage

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October 28, 2021

ProDesign has announced the launch of a series of iconic frames, releasing one by one in honour of their 50th anniversary - in 2023. The company announced the first in the series during a press conference at SILMO 2021. Between now and 2023, the company will add new touches and design choices, making every icon (four in total) sharper and more distinct than ever before. The first release in the series is 'Gail Spence' - in recognition of the designer and her work with ProDesign. In 1987, Gail developed an iconic aluminium frame design, comprising a unique and daring style that become well known For the special release in 2021, ProDesign relaunch the recognisable No. 1 design with a new and contemporary take on the iconic frame. The design team have worked closely with Gail to create two new shapes with innovative temple structures that provide the frames with a natural flex and unique expression – but still inspired by the original design.

The GAIL SPENCE frame comes in three styles. Two of the styles are available in a sunglass version. The frames are all characterized by their bright colours – a vibrant palette with completely redesigned, grey-toned temples. The temples are thin compared to previous designs and are made from titanium to enhance their comfort and flexibility creating a contemporary balance and coherency across all five styles.


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