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December 09, 2020

Edinburgh-based design studio Hemp Eyewear has released a limited edition using sustainable, hemp combined with turmeric. The new optical frame using organic hemp combined with turmeric - a bold and vibrant spice used since ancient times as a natural dye, has a cat eye shape and textured appearance – as well as the bright golden yellow coloration of the spice. “We wanted to push the boundaries of our sustainable technology and develop exciting new combinations,” explains Sam Whitten, founder of the label. “Turmeric was the perfect choice for a bright, vibrant colour with a positive impact on the planet.” The brand will release additional frames using natural pigments from fruit and vegetables such as blueberries and beetroot in 2021. Hemp Eyewear, founded by Whitten in 2016, builds on a passion for sustainability, transparency and craft. The products are 100% natural and vegan, with each frame handmade in Edinburgh using organic hemp grown in France. The collection includes prescription glasses and sunglasses with each style coming with a hemp box, pouch and cloth.


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