Colours explode, in a new campaign for Autumn/Winter by LOOL


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September 28, 2022

Lool has launched its Autumn/Winter 2022 Collection in which it has expanded the Cromalyt® Titanium Category, creating a special mix of 11R51 metal and Cromalyt® rims.
The new Collection, available as part of the Tectonic Series, is characterised by a minimalist and timeless style, with an unconventional spirit. Today, the Lool collection includes the TECTONIC SERIES - CROMALYT TITANIUM, an ultralight collection, aiming for high comfort and functionality, in timeless design which acquires character through multiple colours.
The line also features the new category, TECTONIC SERIES - 11R51 x CROMALYT, a “melding” of Sandvik 11R51 stainless steel and Cromalyt®. The result of this combination is a product boasting properties such as lightness, flexibility and intensity of colours.

“Combining the specific properties of the two materials offers us the most exceptional functionality”, states the brand. “While still using a standard lens mounting procedure, the Tectonic Mix steel frames create a sophisticated, contemporary air.” The Cromalyt® rims are adaptable for all the different component parts and, with the most careful precision, combine comfort and lightness with just the right amount of material, thus guaranteeing the stability and balance of the frames. Included are a total of five new models in the line, two for women, two for men and two unisex, making up what is described as “an exceptional collection in which the vibrant colours provide the character”. Inspired by architectural elements and by the way colour and geometry influence architecture, the campaign is a clear demonstration of how minimalism need not be boring.

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