‘Be smart when it’s sun’: SNOB MILANO brings fresh vibes

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April 14, 2021

This season, SNOB Milano's new sun and optical range is inspired by the many meanings of the word "smart". The Milanese brand embraces spring vibes, unleashing carefree and light-hearted desires through the use of colour, transparent materials and different combinations. Bold and extravagant shapes appear alongside more classic pantos and aviators. The result is a balanced collection, combining the latest trends with classic style. Two shapes make their debut in the sunglasses collection, in addition to seven new designs in the brand's signature collection of magnetic clip-ons. With a colour palette ranging from matt pastel tones to bright shades such as cherry or lemon yellow, SNOB Milano is also offering a new take on lenses, including gradient and mirrored styles—with ZEISS Sunlenses. The strap line "Be smart when it's sun" is also an invitation to opticians, for whom SNOB Milano has created a selection of signs and displays to bring a touch of style to the shop window and sales floor.


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