October 15, 2020

When traditional expertise in eyewear crafting is the focus… an interplay of exquisite materials and finishes along with technical know-how come to the fore…

Handcrafted in Italy

The Birch is a new combination frame from Paul Smith. The style offers a classic shape and adjustable nose pads making it both versatile and easy to wear. The metal and acetate colours have been selected to complement each other and mirror the designer’s love of colour. The style is available as an optical or sun frame. Paul Smith Eyewear is produced by Cutler and Gross in their Italian factory. The styles combine the high quality of finely crafted Italian made eyewear and an irrefutably cool and creative style.


Launched this Spring/Summer, the new substance line at ROLF is produced from a powder derived from a plant – and 3D printed. Like all ROLF frames, they are produced with focus on innovation and technology – always with respect to eyewear’s rich artisan tradition: each design boasts refined contours, slim temples and strategically placed curves turning the design into a smart yet functional accessory that’s also comfortable. The collection consists of 23 frame shapes in six colours and all frames feature ROLF’s award-winning 3D printed Flexlock hinge.

Unusual beauty

Whirly Bird is representative of the fun and quirky side of  l.a. Eyeworks, the iconic label by Gai Gherardi and Barbara McReynolds. Produced in Japan, the model is described by the company as a flattering pentagonal shape, and comes in a variety of uniquely bold and bright acetate finishes including a transparent crystal with sparkling glitter. L.a. eyeworks is synonymous with quality and invigorating, on point design. The collections are produced in artisanal factories in Italy and Japan that combine the use of advanced technology with the warmth and finesse of hand-finishing.

New York artisan style

Model Roebling is inspired by Emily Roebling who was who was instrumental in the completion of the Brooklyn Bridge. The frame is distinctive for its elegant curves and subtle upsweep to a heavy brlow. Lowercase frames are made by craftsmen and designers in workshops in the Brookly Army Terminal. The frames feature high quality materials by Mazzucchelli, hinges and screws by OBE and Carl Zeiss CR-39 sun lenses. The Roebling comes in a variety of exciting tones  including amber, palm (pictured), pink and ox blood.

Brazilian chic

Launched in 2016, Lapima was nurtured for two years in a conversation on shape, content, history and quality. The creation of Gisela and Gustavo Assis, based in Brazil, the sunglasses are produced by artisans in the founders’ own atelier and under their guidance they are conceived, they say, out of dialogues as intense as the final product itself. Model Joca is a buffalo horn frame from a unique collection in this natural material – combined with acetate temples - called the X collection. The styles are for men and women, and are created as a unique piece of jewellery, handmade and designed to fit the personal style of the wearer.

Californian luxury

Model Trois is part of the recently launches SALT. OPTICS’ capsule line with luxury boutique, A’maree’s. With three styles in the line, the frames balance the Japanese craftsmanship and design typical of a SALT. frame and a curated style that explores the heritage eyewear of the past. Style ‘Trois” is a classic round, with design elements that evoke the mid-century modern architecture of the iconic A’maree’s Boutique. Its unisex appeal is underlined with some elegant colours which include black, honey gold and rose gold. The frame is very luxurious with Japanese titanium, Japanese components and a custom titanium arch. Lenses are polarized optical grade CR-39.

Extraordinary design

A tribute to a pioneering development in the use of marble for eyewear: the material is used as a wafer-thin surface, shaped with skill and expertise to form a luxury design with a comfortable fit. Model Donatello is a typical example of the style of the Budri frames, produced with fine marble (9 varieties of marble are available – from the world’s finest quarries), in varied colorations, and weighing just 38 grams. The five shapes in the Intarsio collection – produced with Valerio Cometti - can be customised as sunglasses or ophthalmic glasses as preferred. The Budri Eyewear project has received several accolades, including a Horizon 2020 prize from the European Community and the Index Design Award.

Statement lines

Model Rue Berthe from Ahlem Eyewear is a bold acetate cat’s eye with classical pointed corners. The Los-Angeles founder Ahlem Manai-Platt has created a collection that focuses on quality production (in France), and sophisticated, design work – where the focal point is quality craftsmanship and simplicity. Enhanced attention to detail and an obsession with arts and culture—notably the timeless beauty of the early 20th century Bauhaus movement—guides the design process of Ahlem. A hint of Venice Beach vibes adds to the signature style overall. All Ahlem frames are made in three specialist ateliers and the materials are carefully selected, including Mazzucchelli acetates and fine palladium and 22K gold.

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