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August 06, 2020

The sharp new focus… Innovation, clever technology, and commitment to quality and design, in a special feature for summer 2020… It’s time to focus on what’s ahead.

\\ BLACKFIN, Italy
“Eyewear designed for those who want to see the world from a new point of view…"

The extraordinary campaign by Italian company, BLACKFIN – shot on location at Alberto Burri’s Cretto of Gibellina.The campaign images were shot by Giovanni De Sandre.
Blackfin’s new collection highlights the essential focus on innovation in titanium, and state-of-the art production with titanium at the heart of the line.

A new vision for collaboration, bold contemporary design styles and perspectives on high-tech production and contemporary colour

From Lightbird: signature looks
from an Italian independent

\\ Flower LB020 by Lightbird

After its first year of debuts and a Silmo d'Or win in 2019, Italian independent label Lightbird by designer Corrado Rosson, has now introduced the new 2020 designs in its first collection Light_Matter. The new shapes and colour combinations are observed in model Businessman LB017 and Flower LB020. The LB017 model is defined by a squared frame with a contemporary style. Characterized by minimalistic lines, this optical model is ideal for anyone who loves the classic geek chic style combined with a more contemporary touch “for decisive, non-trivial and meaningful looks”. The women's LB020 model offers a frame with a wide almost rounded front, defined within a polygonal structure. Clean and precise lines are enhanced in four original colour combinations.

\\ Delta Sun by MODO - 3D Lab collection

From MODO: launch into 3D Additive Manufacturing

MODO’s 3D Lab collection represents a new form of digital artisanship at the forefront of smart manufacturing, says the company. The new frames are 3D-printed by utilizing the latest in additive manufacturing that ensures precision crafting with limitless geometric capabilities. 3D Lab offers a multitude of colours and styles with reduced surplus waste to avoid overproducing. “By using the latest manufacturing technologies in a state-of-the-art facility, the 3D Lab collection links MODO’s Titanium heritage with new production innovations…”. The collection’s 3D Additive Manufacturing System uses a digital data set to precisely form each frame front, adding PA12 Polyamide layer by layer. This material gives each frame a distinctive look and feel, and its high-tech matte surface creates distinguished colours. Each frame has MODO’s signature flexible and lightweight beta titanium temples, and rounded temple tips add weightless comfort.

From MYKITA: collaboration with Leica Camera AG

\\ MYKITA | LEICA collection - SUN ML01

Announced in Spring, this new collaboration brings together two companies known for pioneering roles in their respective sectors. Designed in collaboration with the Leica design studio in Munich and handcrafted at the MYKITA HAUS in Berlin, the MYKITA | LEICA collection is defined by its reduced, functional design focused on superior performance. Seamless mechanical solutions and material connections echo the precision engineering of Leica’s unmistakeable design and create a refined eyewear aesthetic. The debut collection consists of two design series: a pure stainless steel concept and a line of hybrid frames that combine handcrafted stainless steel with MYLON, a material innovation from MYKITA made using 3D printing technology. Not only a distinctive style element, the MYLON top bar on the hybrid models closes the gap between frame and the wearer’s brow to protect eyes from overhead sun rays, mirroring the function of a camera lens hood. A functional surface structure on the full stainless steel models references the grip on camera lenses; the red lacquered edges on the lenses reduce peripheral light disturbances. Offering full adjustability, all models come with new, specially designed nose pad arms for a wholly customisable, optimal fit. There are several signature elements from the Leica design language that will resonate with brand enthusiasts while forming a new standalone eyewear aesthetic: the geometric lens shape is a recurring theme, a reference to the frontal view of a Leica camera lens hood, or the distinctive lacquering inlays and the Leica font for the temple inscription, and finally the reduced colour palette made up of matt silver, black, taupe grey and red accents.

\\ Andy Wolf Eyewear: models 5067, 5111, 4746 and model Consagra

From Andy Wolf: experimenting with gradients and colours

Gradients and colours have inspired the new Coalesce concept and campaign at Andy Wolf. The new designs were the result of experimentation with geometric shapes coming together. A variety of millings and facets give the acetate glasses a three-dimensional, tangible depth, while the interaction of metal with acetate also creates new, lively designs. The new WHITE HEAT Multi Blade models Campbell, Agam and Marshall also show an interaction of contrasting materials - with a fine line of metal that runs through the brow arch, showcasing dedication to craft. “Gradients and colours are diverse. Opposites meet, they run into each other, mix together, and in the end, create something completely new…”. The acetate gradients have been developed in house to be used exclusively by Andy Wolf. The selected combinations are the focus of many frame designs and give the glasses “that certain something” – unique to the line. Some of the metal frames also feature just a slight colour change. To create the “Ultra Light” models for the puristic WHITE HEAT collection, a complex process was used to develop acetates which were then used on the nose bridge, temple tips, and even as nose pads. The models Freda, Chia and Saar can be seen with unique Havanas: a subtle rose-gray, a spring-like yellow-green-pink, and a soft cream-mother-of-pearl. These specially developed acetates are used in very different ways, as in model John, an oversized sunglass style in triple gradient with pink sun lenses and a little glitter on top.

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