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Interview of the Month
May 11, 2022

Co-founders Giuseppe Pizutto, Filippo Pagliacci, Diego Ponzetto

As a major new collection launches this season at MOVITRA, 20/20 Europe talked to Giuseppe Pizzuto about inspiration, "what makes an icon" and the brand’s latest innovative designs to show at MIDO this month...

Q: In this issue, we have focused on icons, and particularly icons in the present collections that represent timeless design and long-lasting quality. At Movitra, which is your most enduring style in the collection, and what qualities does it offer?

A: The icons that inspired the latest Movitra collection are the great masters of Italian design and their works in general. The history of design, in particular that of Italy, is full of masterpieces that have taken on an iconic resonance not because the designer has thought of a new form for an object but more often than not because they have created - usually in an ingenious way rather than a rational way, a new function or a new way for an object to perform its function. Iconic objects - such as the Bialetti moka, the Vespa, the lamps by Castiglioni, the most recent household items by Alessi, and chairs by Fabio Novembre - have nothing in common with each other, apart from the genius behind their concepts, and the cultural background from which they are born. A creativity capable of softening the harsh concreteness of the things we have in our DNA, in our cultural heritage since the Renaissance, and perhaps even before. The most iconic objects of Italian design are not inspired by each other, they speak different languages visually, but they are brilliant, each in their own way. We are not inspired by them, we are part of them (in our small way), we are part of this movement of design, and this characteristic is in our DNA. 

Since we started, Movitra has not so much been inspired by the history of Italian design - we like to see ourselves as a small but veritable part of it and the history of Italian design.

Q: In 2022, functionality through innovation and innovative use of materials remains a primary target for many eyewear designers. Is that true at Movitra?

A: Movitra was born from a functional need. Functionality is in our DNA. All the choices we make, from design to choice of materials, are primarily devoted to functionality and performance. The rest is a consequence. If a product is not functional, it can of course be "beautiful to look at", but it is not a good design product. It is not a product. A product, a pair of glasses, must be usable, functional. We have understood this deep down through years of research and development - we have made this our mantra.

Q: Acetate or metal, or both in good measure; does the DNA of Movitra lean to one or the other material and what do you feel the two very different looks express?

A: The answer to this question also lies in performance. Movitra's DNA is in metal. Because metal is the best performance material for the ideal operation of our patented rotation system. In fact, even our acetate glasses have a metal core that gives them stability and solidity, ensuring lasting performance. The new collections are much more focused on metal in fact, precisely because we always want to pay attention to functionality and performance. Our next step will be to launch an acetate collection that presents a completely innovative system with very high performance – once again.

Q: You have recently announced a new Limited Edition of two frames in metal/titanium. Do all the frames, including these two, feature the rotation system? Can you explain the benefits of that?

A: All of our frames have our own patented rotation system. We don't produce eyewear without it, it's our DNA. The advantages  of our patented rotation system are the protection of the lenses and the possibility of making the glasses extremely flat and pocket-sized. We have also seen that our system facilitates closure, therefore also the theme of gestures becomes central and is completely distorted compared to the past. Another fundamental issue on which we have worked a lot is that of sensoriality. The click of the mechanism or the closing click of our rod with integrated flex hinge are designed to create a unique sensory experience. To understand what I'm talking about, you really have to try them! All of our frames have our own patented rotation system. We don't produce eyewear without it, it's our DNA.....

Q: We understand you have other major releases this season and will show a full collection of new products at MIDO? Can you outline these beyond the limited-edition launch?

A: I would start by saying that MIDO means a lot to all of us this year. This is a time we all look forward to after these complex years. We want to go back to going out, shaking hands, talking face to face, allowing for the product to be felt and touched. Having worked so hard on the sensoriality of the product, this moment of contact is fundamental. In this edition of MIDO, as the dates have moved to May, we are presenting all our new innovations as well as a preview of what will be available from September, with the possibility of pre-ordering. We have produced a capsule collection of three models in a limited and numbered series, with the character and style of the Metal collection, with the addition of acetate. This capsule is a true synthesis of the two souls of our brand.  

\\   Movitra sunglasses feature the patented rotation system

Q: Are you currently distributing the Movitra collection widely?

A: Filippo is doing an incredible job with regards to distribution. In addition to consolidating our presence in Italy, this year we have opened up new markets, some of which are already performing very well. In fact, we have started distributing in Poland, Holland and Croatia. We also decided to change some of our trading partners and the results were immediately seen, for example, in countries such as Turkey, Greece, Germany and Spain. In these days we are also working on a possible distribution agreement for the USA. The most incredible thing is the way in which Movitra manages to involve customers, agents and distributors in our special project. Filippo and I are totally in love with the Movitra project; he has the ability to convey this enthusiasm to anyone who listens. And this is the secret behind a successful business partnership.

Q: What are your expectations in the coming months? and will we see Movitra at the trade fairs in Autumn?

A: This year we have decided to focus everything on MIDO and DATE. Expectations are very high for the simple reason that we have worked very hard on the product and on all the commercial partnerships. We did it together with a team of extremely good people who joined us. We are absolutely certain that all this will pay off.

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