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July 20, 2020

\\ MICHELE CLASERI, Founder of Roveri

Enduring design, Italian craftsmanship, and bold steps in mixing high-performance materials: Roveri founder Michele Claseri is inspired by the precision of iconic timepieces and the luxurious aesthetics of the most exclusive automobiles, two of his biggest passions…

Founder of Roveri, Michele Claseri is from Bergamo, Italy, a city that is well know for its high-quality textile manufacture and mechanical industries as well as being home to several prestigious fashion brands. Linking with the city’s historic legacy, Roveri is born out of extensive research and development to produce globally relevant luxury eyewear with a cutting-edge design and finesse – specifically for the male market, and a discerning wearer and luxury connoisseur who requires uncompromising technical excellence and a timeless style. “Innovation. Passion for technical excellence. Beauty. This is what I wish to convey in a product by Roveri. We have taken much time and consideration in the development of our luxury eyewear which I believe has taken a completely new path in the optical business – through the use of carbon fiber with beta titanium in advanced frames that are as robust and durable as they are sleek, sophisticate and refined...".

\\ RV018 by Roveri Eyewear

The first ever eyewear concept launched by Roveri – RV018 – represents an exciting ground-breaking technical innovation for the independent label, developed over the course of the last 24 months. The timeless aviator frame features beta-titanium and multi-layered carbon fiber rings. This extraordinary, refined design is complimented by the highest quality acetate side temples, in a choice of luxury matte gold or matte black, tones which highlight finesse and good taste for all connoisseurs of design.
The use of the carbon fiber brings a distinctive design to the frame as well as lightness and exceptional comfort and strength. The elegant seamless design of the rings – which are completely screwless - is a technical feat and highlights the linear pattern of the carbon fiber material which has a spectacular yet subtle iridescent marbling effect. “Carbon fiber is an incredibly interesting material and with my experience of working with the material in other industries, it has been thrilling to have achieved something extremely advanced and technically precise in eyewear…”.

\\ Michele Claseri and his passion for cars

“I have a list of favourite cars that I would like to have the opportunity to drive and hopefully own in the future. The new Ferrari 488 Pista is definitely first on my list. I have been surrounded by cars and people who love cars for much of my lie, so cars mean a lot to me. I’m intrigued by their design, the lines and how different specs can reflect the owner's personality. Owning a nice car gives you the feeling of owning a piece of mechanics with a heart that gives you emotions just looking at it as well as driving it, and it can take you to adventures that you can remember for the rest of your life".

“I also love watches! Guys don't have such a great choice of accessories as women do, and watches are one of the few precious things a man can pass on to the next generation in their family. My dad did this for me. Buying a nice watch is quite a process; first, you decide and consider the different options out there, then you dream about it, you save money and finally, you prepare yourself for the day you will go out and purchase it!”. Another amazing thing about watches is that only people who are into them can tell what timepiece you are wearing. It makes you feel part of a non-mainstream club. I hate mainstream.”

\\ Michele Claseri and his love of glasses and watches

“I am currently based in California, and after years here, I call LA my home. Besides working and a daily workout, I love to drive on the Pacific coast highway…discovering new restaurants and beautiful beaches. I recently got into photography which is a pretty cool new skill to learn to create content for my business as well as for personal creativity. I am passionate about learning new skills I can use for both business and leisure. I’m trying to get more skilled in digital marketing and graphic design. Dive bars are also good weekend escape. At the age of 24, I started my own business in Bergamo, Italy, called Composite Worx where I made custom carbon fiber accessories for racing cars. One of my customers was located in Los Angeles and he offered me help to move out here and start my American life. In 30 days I had to close my business, move out of my apartment and buy a one-way ticket to LA. Last year I also had the opportunity to work for SpaceX in the carbon fiber department".

\\ Views of the sea

Claseri says he loves the multicultural vibe of California and how the cities are spread out. “The food scene is great, you can try anything, from some easy-going Mexican street food by the beach to a fancy Italian restaurant in Beverly Hills. California is a great place to live, you can be dipping your toes in the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica and find yourself up on the mountain in Big Bear within two hours…”. Claseri started Roveri Eyewear with the goal of creating a long-lasting brand
with unique values and a unique vision. His long-term goal is to create a self-sustaining business that gives him the opportunity to travel around the world and meet interesting people. “I know it might sound silly, but in the next three years, I would like to open my first flagship store in the West LA area, preferably in Beverly Hills or West Hollywood, followed by a second one in Milan".

\\ New CLM-7 by Roveri Eyewear

A new Roveri edition launches in July. New model CLM-7: produced in machined carbon fibre, this new panto inspired shape features temples and tips in beta titanium and acetate. Handmade in Italy.

\\ Lockdown, and beyon

“The quarantine isolation has been quite unreal. I was supposed to visit Milan on 27th February for about 10 days during Mido but that's also when the coronavirus pandemic started to hit Italy and in particular the Lombardy area. About a week before I was supposed to take my flight. I started watching the news and how bad the situation was becoming in North Italy. After a few considerations, I cancelled my flight. My family lives in Bergamo, a small but beautiful city approximately one hour up north of Milan. For a few weeks, it was considered the city with the most cases of Coronavirus in the whole of Europe with the most deaths reported in a 10 day  period of time. Here in the States, we started having the first real warning three weeks after that and that's when the government issued a local Californian lockdown. I was home for many weeks. Staying at home for a long time is not easy, but unlike in Italy, we were able to go out for a walk. Besides working out at the park, I enrolled in a pretty intensive digital marketing course. I also focused on editing old photos from my camera. Catching up on some sleep was the most enjoyable part".

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