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May 21, 2020

NICOLA DEL DIN, President and CEO

As Italy emerges from lockdown and optical companies return to work in the “new normal”, Blackfin’s Nicola del Din shares a message of hope, strength and new beginnings, building on the foundations of the company and its most relevant core values.

Q: What are BLACKFIN’s fundamental characteristics as an Italian company and how do you wish to take these focus forward? Independence for example is a key element for you right now?

A: We are very proud to be independent and we consider it as a key-point for our re-start. Our absolute independence makes us the sole agent of our destiny starting from our values and passion. But it is not the only element. We are a real Italian company and a completely in-house manufacturing firm, we work with a passionate team of people, we live in one of the most beautiful places in the world surrounded by Unesco mountains. We have a strong and excellent expertise in titanium craftsmanship thanks to 50 years of experience. All these values, which have always been the background of our company, if they could have been considered in some way as “sentimental traits” until a few weeks ago, they are today  our vital and most positive assets. In order to face this new time in our lives, at Blackfin we do not need to change ourselves and our way of working. We are focused on continuing to be ourselves and working on amplifying these messages to help more and more people understand who we really are!

Q: And your Neomadeinitaly focus and incredible history and heritage will remain at your core?

A: Absolutely yes! Neomadeinitaly is the summary of our philosophy which is the basis of our actions. It’s the results of our assets: authentic Italian production, respect for the people who are involved in the production, respect for the environment where we live, respect for our heritage and roots. Neomadeinitaly is not a choice of communication: it is our way of being.

Q: What has your personal experience been in March/April in Italy through the crisis. And as things start to change to a “new normal”, how are you and your close-knit team adapting?

A: It’s very difficult for me to slow down and during these two months I dedicated myself very much to the future, imagining it, dreaming it and preparing the business for the restart. Actually, I’ve never stopped working during this as I went to my office every day and I did my best to understand how to reorganize our best assets for the future. We lived a very tough experience of uncertain times which seemed to have no tangible future. But luckily, I am a true optimist. I don’t like to wait for things to happen, I really prefer to drive my future forward - as much as possible. I have tried hard to understand what will be the needs and requests of our customers after this crisis. And at the end the answer was surprisingly quite natural: we have to keep on being ourselves. All the main pillars upon which Blackfin was built over these years have become strategic overnight.

Q: What are your hopes in the short-term, and into 2021?

A: As I say I always stay positive, but at the same time I’m realistic. The lockdown and the general situation has dramatically affected business all over the world. We suffered as well, and we had to review our business plan. But I’m sure that our total independence including financial independence will make the difference and we want to communicate a positive message to our clients. For this reason we have decided not to cut the collection and we will present the new release in August. We have decided to speed up the construction of the Blackfin Black Shelter, our new futuristic headquarters – based in our hometown – and here in the months to come we will more than double our production department.

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