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August 01, 2019

His uncompromising commitment to innovation in eyewear has become much admired in optics and fashion: optician Sven Götti first launched an eyewear collection in Switzerland in 1999.
He has gone on to win multiple awards for the brand including the coveted Swiss Economic Award (in 2008) for innovative young companies from Switzerland and most recently, the IF Design Award.

Today, the Götti collections include a wide selection of materials – high-gloss acetate, 3-D printed Polyamide, buffalo horn, and lightweight titanium – with progressive technical solutions for hinges, frame parts, and temples that combine Swiss technical precision, minimal design and an attention to detail only achievable through an unerring commitment to artisan craftsmanship.

\\ Urs Niederer and Sven Götti in 1993 on the opening day.

“At the age of 18, I left my hometown of Güstrow in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in order to start my training as an optometrist. The combination of craftsmanship and communication immediately fascinated me. I then had the fortune of working in one of the largest traditional optician’s stores in northern Germany. There, I was able to really blossom and work in all areas of optics. However, what had always interested me the most was the development of eyewear fashion.
I loved it when all the sales representatives from the cool, independent brands came to our store with the latest trends in their cases.
I wanted to be a part of that as well.”

Urs Niederer and Sven Götti presenting own collection in titanium and acetate in 1997, with display heads made by artists from Ibiza.

“The aesthetics, zeitgeist, materials, fine mechanical solutions, and lately also the possibilities of 3D printing – these are all part of the recipe for making beautiful glasses.
But what makes me happiest is forging new plans and exploring new territory with my team. For me, it’s all one big adventure in the world of eyeglasses!” 

Götti Brand Store in Lucerne

The Götti Brand Store opened its doors at Mühlenplatz 1 in Lucerne two years ago. This history of Götti Switzerland began over 20 years ago in Lucerne in the same rooms of the historic patrician house. Back then, Sven Götti founded the GÖTTI+NIEDERER optician’s store together with Urs Niederer and sold his first glasses collections there.
The interior, characterized by straight lines, provides the ideal framework for the presentation of the complete Götti collection. The interior is completely black and white, combined with massive oak parquet.
The background of the reception area shows a “Wall of Fame” with public figures who are fans of Götti glasses.

The eye-catching design element in the store is a chandelier that is manufactured from over 500 sunglasses from past Götti collections.
This unique light installation was designed specifically for the store by the Zürich-based design studio, Bureau Purée.

A passion for car design

“The design and the spirit of the 70s concept cars are of great interest to me. On the one hand, it is the formal language that I like, but most of all, I like the fact that existing functions have been questioned and completely reinterpreted. This positive energy to go in new ways was crucial in developing Perspective. I probably enjoy it because it reflects my character and work.
On the one hand, I want to create beautiful, harmonious glasses and on the other hand, the technical aspect of a pair of glasses fascinates me.”

"The Perspective style is a good illustration of the effort we make to innovate in eyewear.
Finding a new approach for rimless is a challenge that we have accepted and implemented...”

New campaign with images by Zosia Prominska

“My family is everything; our house is located in Zürich. Almost an extended home, we have a favourite Italian restaurant within walking distance;
we have been going to this place for over 15 years whenever possible on a Friday for a good meal and good wine for the weekend...”

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