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December 19, 2018

Guillaume Kessous, Chief Operating Officer

The accessories brand known for its stylish leather and card bound notebooks has produced its first ever eyewear collection and a line of handy modern reading glasses.

20/20 Europe interviewed Chief Operating Officer Guillaume Kessous, of SEAPORT ODLM on the French and European launch of the collection at Silmo.

Q: Describe the Moleskine® brand today?

A: Moleskine® was created as a brand in 1997, bringing back to life the nameless black notebooks used by writers and artists like Vincent van Gogh and Ernest Hemingway. The line of products has fast expanded since that time, and now identifies a vast family of paper products, smart notebooks and apps, bags, books, travel and digital device accessories and writing tools. They have a turnover of 140 million euros worldwide, and they are in 114 countries with a very impressive 27,100 points of sale in terms of corners and unique own stores.

Q: Why did you decide to distribute this brand?

A: For us, at SEAPORT ODLM we loved the fact that it was something completely different from what we usually do. Our aim is to translate beautiful brands of clothing into beautiful quality eyewear products. With Moleskine® it is the first time we are not working with a brand that is part of the clothing industry. We were so impressed with the marketing and communication of the company that we could see an excellent opportunity, not least the fact that it is also an international company recognized worldwide.
Today our portfolio is strongly complementary. Façonnable and Kosby are our two mainly brands for men. We also have three lines for women... Paul & Joe, Carven and ba&sh (launched also this season at Silmo) – covering the fashion segment from fast fashion to haute couture.
With Moleskine® we are adding a highly commercial collection that is innovative in design, both in the product and its exceptional style of minimal packaging.

Q: What is the concept of the eyewear for Moleskine®?

A: This collection enables us to be in touch with a new part of the market where the product has an RRP less than 150 euros.
This is a mixed collection in modern materials, where you can clearly see the slim notebook concept translated into the frames.
The focus lies in the ultra-thin and ultra-light design with uniquely designed temples and hinges and a very convenient flat packaging that is easy to carry.
Even if the price is very competitive the collection features quality products with high-end materials. It is composed of compressed acetate that is extremely light and very comfortable. The metal featured is stainless steel. There are 18 models launching in this first edition, each available in four to five colors.

Q: Where are you offering the Moleskine® range?

A: We started distribution in France in early September and it has been going extremely well. SEAPORT is the Distributor in Europe except UK, Germany and Italy. We will also be looking after markets like Africa and the Middle East regarding this unique collection. We have a strong network of distributors in these different regions.

Q: What else can you tell us about the launch?

A: We are also adding a Moleskine® reading glasses collection. To my knowledge we are the first to create a high quality reading glasses collection with a brand. We are introducing specific displays for this collection that follow the clean and minimal look of the Moleskine® product range. Moreover, a specific technical hinge was developed in order to get a completely flat frame just like the Moleskine notebooks.

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