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Author: Joan Grady

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January 28, 2019

Stefano Scauzillo, General Manager and Designer Essedue

Eyewear history has successfully flourished for three generations in the Irpinia region of Italy, where craftsmanship and personalized ties to the land are part of this family’s heritage.

Stefano Scauzillo, General Manager and Designer at Essedue relates his experiences – and vision – for the company.

Q: Please share with us your engaging and inspirational family history of Essedue, and the company’s link to Irpinia in Southern Italy.

A: The bond with my land is a significant trait in the history of Essedue - in Irpinia in southern Italy. This is where my grandfather Carlo opened his first shop in the 1940s. Then my father inherited it; now me with my sister and brother.
Ever since my father Ennio took me to the international fairs and taught me the optical profession, I have wanted to create my own eyewear. During my university years in Rome I went to the Italian eyewear district in Cadore, where I learnt the art of eyewear. In 2012, a year after my graduation, I bought some machines and started to make my first models.
I believe in the endurance of Irpinia, and invested in a production plant that now has 45 employees.

Q: What are the most pivotal changes in making eyewear?

A: My family has been in the optical industry for many years, and knows about eyewear production, because my father Ennio was always in the Cadore even in the seventies and eighties: the golden years of eyewear, years of big profits, even with little colour imagination. Certainly, there was experimentation and creativity in shapes. Today shape construction is dictated by the re-enactment of the shapes from those years, with more daring colours.

Q: Are you able to use vintage machines to generate and construct your contemporary frames, complimented by modern high-tech innovations?

A: We no longer use vintage machines, but what is traditional in our production process is manual skill - typically artisan phases: the wheel for polishing the glasses; the finishing to precisely measure the proportions between the fronts and temples; the insertion of logos and rivets under the lacquer; and many other steps that are carried out manually.
Now we use machines of the latest generation. We invest in research, development and automation to create perfect and comfortable products.

\\ “The distinctive character of my work is making glasses with the right balance between shape, colours and proportions.”

Q: Essedue enjoys exceptional production facilities, incorporating 72 innovative manufacturing and design steps.  What are your thoughts on this careful assembly?

A: The distinctive character of my work in making glasses is the maniacal attention for the right balance between shape, colours and proportions. Essedue glasses must first be comfortable, and then be beautiful and aesthetically wearable.
I want machines and human resources to give me the maximum and offer more advantages, both in terms of a search for solutions, plus automation and speedy choices. In the 4.0 economy choices are quick – it’s necessary to be fast, going at the same speed as the Web.

Q: As Essedue has a special bond with the Irpinia community, do you have an agenda that encourages local residents to work with you, and stimulate the honoured tradition of Italian craftsmanship?

A: I am personally involved in associations in Irpinia to enhance the territory and human resources through social and cultural events. Essedue tries to cooperate with schools and universities in the South to train young people to design eyewear.
We are also planning to set up schools and centres for eyewear, which is not a typical activity of our land, although there is a deep culture of craftsmanship in general.

Q: What are the creative and gifted concepts behind the smart, new upscale and fashion- forward PRIMA Sunglass collection? What materials are featured?

A: Essedue has been known since its inception as an experimental, design and avant-garde brand in acetate, able to create original colours. PRIMA inherits this background and spirit: it is the “first line” of Essedue, conceived as a limited edition with three releases a year, and models that are never repeated because they respond to contemporary trends. By the next release they will already be over.
PRIMA includes sunglasses and optical in acetate and metal, with special attention to the combination of lenses and unique details.

\\ Ragazza from the spirited PRIMA collection

Q: Essedue is sold worldwide - What is the customer profile, and does it alter significantly when promoting/selling to other global markets?

A: Some markets appreciate our avant-garde style more than others do; that ask for more commercial styles.
That is why we have different capsules in Essedue, to satisfy various types of customers. Essedue’s customer is attentive to comfortable eyewear, shapes and colours. Essedue works to satisfy different tastes and different age groups.

Q: You are launching a new company magazine – please tell us about this exciting venture.

A: Maschera Magazine is edited by the marketing, style and creative departments of Essedue, led by our art director Peppe Tortora, who comes from the world of visual art. In Maschera we talk about our eyewear and what inspires our advertising campaigns, influenced by “real life” and the cinema world. In the campaigns we recreate frames and imaginative works, inspired by Italian films. In this way, we talk about Italianism and our way of seeing it through images.
Furthermore, in Maschera we develop articles that address the relationship between photography, eyewear and film art. Maschera helps shape the identity of Essedue.

\\ “Essedue is known as an experimental, design and avant-garde brand.”

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