A new fair format for LUCERNE

February 02, 2021

The Hall of Frames organisers have announced they will test a new trade-fair format this spring. The new concept has already been successful in Sweden and is now debuting in Switzerland. The first edition of the Hall of Frames Weekend will take place in Lucerne in May 2021 and will take place across the city, at multiple locations. The move comes as a direst response to COVID-19 which has rapidly changed the trade-fair landscape as large international trade fairs have been postponed or cancelled altogether. According to the organisers of HOF, crisis can provide new opportunities, and in their search for new ideas and concepts, they found what they were looking for in Sweden. You & Eye Weekend took place in Gothenburg in September 2020 and both exhibitors and visitors responded enthusiastically to the new format. The HOF is bringing this format to Switzerland in partnership with You & Eye Weekend organisers. The Hall of Frames Weekend will run 13 to 15th May 2021 in the beautiful city of Lucerne, Switzerland. The heart of the event is an electronic platform through which all registrations will be processed, and all information exchanged between the organisers, exhibitors and visitors. This platform will be activated at the beginning of January 2021 and will be regularly updated.


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