The success story began in 1964, when Anneliese and Arnold Schmied, armed with their vision and passion, founded the company and the Silhouette brand. The company started life with just five employees, along with designer Dora Demmel. Their vision: To create the most beautiful eyewear in the world and to establish a brand that would be synonymous with high quality. Now in its third generation, Silhouette remains a family company through and through.
They are worn by 12 million people worldwide. Their unique look has won them 11 design awards. And so far, there have been 12 major developments of the iconic shape. We are talking about the Titan Minimal Art – the most famous rimless eyewear in the world, whose introduction in 1999 revolutionized the eyewear market. A pair of glasses weighing only 1.8 grams – with no frames, screws, or hinges. Light as a feather. A whole new level of comfort which to this day remains unrivaled by any other glasses. This dedication to creating honest eyewear which delivers exactly what the wearer needs is an integral part of the brand’s iconic minimalism. You only have to pick up a pair of Silhouettes to experience the difference. No other glasses are as light or as comfortable as Silhouettes – you can hardly tell you’re wearing them. Although Silhouette is still the leading supplier of rimless glasses in the premium segment, over the last few years the brand has also seen significant growth within the full-rim segment.
The company’s 55-year tradition, combined with a sustainable approach, the utmost precision, an unwavering passion for craftsmanship and a commitment to its location in Austria, come together to guarantee premium eyewear that exceeds its customers’ exacting standards every day.

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