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DIVEL ITALIA: steps forward in sustainability

The Italian lens manufacturer Divel Italia says that by obtaining the ISCC+ certification for all its production sites, they are continuing to make effective progress towards sustainability. Sun Lenses Director, Giampaolo Molinaro spoke to L&T about the latest product releases for Mido 2024 including the new Re-Live collection featuring the first sustainable demo lens to be ISCC+ certified.

Q: Divel has developed sun lenses made with Tritan Renew. Please can you tell us about this collection that you are launching at MIDO?

Giampaolo Molinaro_DIVEL ITALIA
Giampaolo Molinaro, Sun Lenses Director, Divel Italia

The Re-Live collection is Divel Italia’s latest achievement in terms of sustainable products. At the last SILMO, we were nominated at Silmo d’Or for our Re-Live demo lens, the first sustainable demo lens to be ISCC+ certified. Today, we’re proud to launch the Re-Live sun filter, a new sustainable lens that is also ISCC+ certified by. Both collections are made with Tritan Renew, an Eastman material that contains up to 50% recycled plastic waste, which is an important step forward in sustainability. Our Re-Live Sun collection is designed for a combination of colour tones that give to the user the sensation of having something green, in the environmental sense of the word.

Q: Outline the other products that DIVEL are launching at MIDO 2024.

A: The first launch of Urbanity was at SILMO 2023. It’s a polarized lens, but it also allows you to view device screens, particularly the older models that normally can’t be seen through traditional polarized lenses. This was made possible by developing a next-generation polarized coating. The major announcement for MIDO 2024 will be the release of new color combinations that have never been seen before on polarized lenses, proving that technology and visual comfort can also come together in a fashion accessory like sunglasses.
Along these same lines, we have come out with another technical product in the form of a photochromic lens. With Planets Light Colors, photochromic lenses can be both useful and beautiful with soft colour tones that make it possible to wear your glasses all day long.

Q: In 2023 Divel obtained the ISCC plus certification. What does this mean for the company’s sustainability program?

A: Divel Italia is one of the first companies in Europe to have obtained ISCC+ certification for all its production sites. This certification guarantees the sustainability and traceability of our products throughout the production process and enables all stakeholders to enjoy sustainable products from a certified supplier.
It’s been an important step forward in our continued progress towards sustainability. The younger generations are more sensitive to environmental issues and sustainability and are aware of the dynamics and the sharing of information that goes along with it. In recent years, our team at Divel Italia has undergone some generational turnover, which has facilitated our growth in relation to these issues. We are extremely proud of the goals we have reached so far, and we are anxious to achieve even more in the years to come.


Q: Can you explain the company’s current organization of/development of its sun filters department?

A: Our sun filters department is staffed by a great many experts. Over time, we’ve continued to develop the area, so we now have offices dedicated to product, to research and development, to quality control, to sales, and to marketing and communication. When we develop a new product, all of these offices work together with maniacal focus on the sole objective of bringing innovation to market. Here at Divel Italia, innovation, quality and technology have been a part of our genetic makeup right from the start.


Q: And the process for the actual production of the sun lens?

A: We are constantly working to improve our sun filter production processes, from materials to technology. Divel Italia owns production facilities both in Italy and in Asia, in addition to having exclusive partnerships with various leaders in their respective industry segments.
We have a really wide range of both materials and formats, including lenses that are exclusives for fashion brands or other special formats, as well as CR39, nylon, bio-nylon, polycarbonate, eco-polycarbonate and, most recently, Tritan Renew. Our products are used in eyewear designed both by independent designers and by the designers of luxury brands, as well as in sports shields and goggles and in other technical eyewear.

Q: What is Divel’s production capacity in 2024 and where are they now distributed (explain the distribution set up)? Which are the key markets outside Italy?

A: Our current production capacity enables us to meet the needs of any type of client, and our lenses are sold around the world. In Europe, our most important markets after Italy are France, Germany and Spain, but we are also extremely happy with the growth we are seeing in northern and eastern Europe.
Other important markets include Asia—China in particular—the U.S. and Latin America. In recent years, we have also entered Australia and New Zealand.


Q: How does Divel satisfy customer requests around the world?

A: Out of our European headquarters, in Bologna, Italy, we’re able to sell and ship throughout the world. From our facilities in Asia, Divel Shanghai, we distribute to the Asian and European markets. This is all made possible by our sales team, our customer service offices and consultants operating in Italy, France (via Divel France), the rest of Europe, the Americas, and in Asia through Divel Shanghai, as mentioned.

Q: What are your particular ambitions for Divel in 2024?

A: We have two main goals for 2024. One concerns sales, to consolidate our commercial structure and to grow, which thus far has enabled us to increase our market reach over the years and to increase revenues. The other concerns innovation and sustainability. In recent years, we have made significant investments of both time and resources that have paid abundant dividends, and we would like to continue along this path, bringing to market products that are innovative and, most importantly, increasingly sustainable.

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