CALEDONIAN OPTICAL, launch of myopia management lens in UK

Independent British lens manufacturer, Caledonian Optical is hoping to support young patients’ myopia management with new lens solution, Imperium.

Caledonian Optical’s myopia management solution for children reduces the need for stronger, thicker spectacle lenses and the risk of developing associated eye diseases, with a specially designed lens which can slow the progression of myopia, they state.

Caledonian Optical, part of Duncan and Todd Group, are offering a myopia management solution, based on peripheral defocus, with the vertical meridian providing the prescribed power and positive sphere power in the periphery of the horizontal meridian.

Launched at 100% Optical in London, Imperium, produced at Caledonian Optical’s new £1.5m lab close to Aberdeen International Airport, uses cutting-edge digital technology to support studies which indicate that there is potentially a dominant effect to visual signals in the horizontal meridian of the retina.

Introducing positive spherical blur in the horizontal meridian creates a myopic defocus reducing the stimulation of axial growth which is believed to be the mechanism by which myopia progresses.

Describing the reasons behind the development of Imperium, Gillian Sibeth, product development manager at Duncan and Todd Group, said: “The prevalence of childhood myopia in the UK has more than doubled over the past 50 years.

“Early onset of myopia is the most important predictor of high myopia in later life – the higher the myopia, the greater the risk of visual impairment – which is why it is so important to consider myopia management options for children.”

She continued: “The team at Caledonian Optical has been working closely alongside our lens partner, to develop this new and innovative approach which can ultimately revolutionise clinical outcomes and change the trajectory of childhood myopia. The Imperium solution can tackle myopia head-on and ultimately help young patients see well into the future.”

Imperium does not require optometrists to pass a course to prescribe and dispense it. However, Caledonian Optical does offer comprehensive training to support clients in dispensing it successfully and communicating the benefits to patients.


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