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February 21, 2017

Mondelliani is a brand born of the experience and tradition of the Mondello family, part of the excellence of Italian eyewear for its fusion of culture, taste and irony together with a love of elegant and personalised design. Their latest optical store and flagship opened at the end of 2016.

Via dei Prefetti 11, Rome

December 2016

Store type:
Mono brand and handpicked
independent eyewear and accessory collections

Owner: Federico Mondello

Q: Who designed the new flagship shop in Rome?

A: The interior concept of the Flagship store was entrusted to THiRTYONE Design+Management, a retail-focused creative company founded in 2015 by Claudia Campone. 

Q: What was the aim of the interior design style?

A: We wanted to stay true to the Mondelliani spirit with its use of colour and warm materials, recreating a welcoming and familiar atmosphere with unmistakable style. 

Q: What is the area like? 

A: From Via del Corso through Piazza del Parlamento, one arrives in Via dei Prefetti - it is here, among the artisans and niche brands of the Campo Marzio district, that we found the ideal location for a new boutique. 

Q: Describe the overall effect.

A: The store itself reflects an eclectic and unique spirit:  the glasses' designs stand out from the shop window, highlighted by works of art demonstrating their flair in this unusual space. 
The sales space is articulated in three main areas that communicate together. The first, in eccentric shades of lilac and sage green, is dedicated to the sale of sunglasses with the glasses framed in metallic ovals in order to enhance their shapes and refined level of detail. 
The second area, enclosed between two acid yellow arches, is a social space where clients can feel welcomed whilst they wait to choose the right pair of glasses, or simply enjoy a moment's pause among stylish accessories. 
In the third area, dedicated to sight, THiRTYONE has designed a 360 degree retail experience, choosing seating and mirroring most suited to concentrating on the selection of made to measure glasses, personalising lenses and frames, under the guidance of Mondelliani staff.

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