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July 28, 2020

ZEISS has enhanced its tried-and-true eyeglass lens designs and added some technological innovations to boot: ZEISS SmartLife offers a complete premium portfolio for consumers no matter their age. The ZEISS SmartLife lens design factors in our modern connected and on-the-move lifestyle, dynamic visual behaviour, individual visual needs, and age. The same principles apply to customized precision lenses from ZEISS: the comprehensive analysis and measurement of the wearer’s personal needs at the ECP’s is the basis for calculating and manufacturing custom eyeglass lenses. Customized ZEISS SmartLife Lenses can be adjusted as needed, such as when their prescription changes. Since wearers often stick with a particular design over many years, it must be able to keep pace with their changing needs and the physiological changes that their eyes undergo. This makes switching from single vision to digital lenses both easy and convenient. With ZEISS SmartLife even the transition to lenses for correcting presbyopia is possible without any lengthy adaptation time says the company.


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