ZEISS ClearView lenses

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February 09, 2023

Finished single vision or stock lenses are the most widely sold ophthalmic lens type worldwide. With this focus, ZEISS identified a way to get many attributes of complex single vision freeform lens designs into “stock” lenses. The result is ZEISS ClearView Finished Single Vision lenses, a lens designed to offer “high optical quality in order to provide clear vision from the lens centre to the periphery” while being very thin and flat at the same time.  The new lenses, launched in 2022, offer many of the advantages of freeform-optimized single vision lenses, but with the cost and speed benefits of a stock lens, says the company. "ZEISS is transforming the single vision market by bringing many aspects of freeform lens design to the FSV lens category", explains David Sinnott, Head of Product Management at ZEISS Vision Care. "Freeform lens design combined with the ClearForm technology used in ZEISS ClearView FSV enables complex lens shapes that were previously only possible in surfaced single vision lenses. ZEISS now offers premium quality optics in finished single vision lenses, combined with fast delivery and affordable pricing to ensure everyone can access the benefits of ZEISS optics", adds Sinnott.


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