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January 23, 2020

Wiley X has announced the launch of their patented colour-enhancing lens technology, CAPTIVATE™.
The lenses have been developed for all athletes, and had to achieve two goals: functionality for everyday activities while still meeting the highest safety standards. The technology behind CAPTIVATE™ is multi-faceted, eliminating blur, and providing a clear and crisp vision experience, which then heightens colours. "During 2019 we've had CAPTIVATE™ tested by the best of the best, as we work closely together with many athletes. The overwhelming feedback received is a testimony to the fact that Wiley X once again has created a new level of what is possible with polarized eyewear. I look forward to bringing CAPTIVATE™ to market…this is a lens which both sailors, mountain bikers and many other sports enthusiasts will appreciate,” states Jakob Riis, EMEA Commercial Director.
Wiley X launch CAPTIVATE™ with prescription capabilities.
The new product will be available with six different mirror/lens combinations as well as two non-mirrored versions.


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