Virtual try on technology: ClickFitApp by SENSI LABS

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January 29, 2021

The Sensi Labs’ augmented reality (AR) ClickFitApp has been created to transform a smartphone screen into a virtual mirror. Customers can benefit from a virtual fitting room in their pocket, enabling them to instantly try on and purchase glasses, jewelry, ski goggles and other accessories from any place, at any time. ClickFitApp is designed to replicate the experience of using a real mirror. The application simply measures the head live without the need for extra accessories and “focuses on simplicity” of use, according to the company.

“The application allows consumers to see exactly how they look in glasses or goggles without even having to physically touch the products. The solution is of benefit to all glasses and ski goggles retailers, helping consumers experience try ons wherever they are and enabling them to make a more confident purchase at retail.” Beata Badzynska, COO, Sensi Labs
Sensi Labs customises the app so that it bears their name, branding and exclusive selection of products. Customers can also share their photos on social media, enhancing online marketing and brand-awareness. The app has the additional benefit that it can be used as an interactive display to attract passers-by and encourage them to try on glasses. These displays can be placed in shopping malls, airports, trade fairs or any other place to catch the attention of passersby. All Sensi Labs needs to make a customised application is a logo, layout requirements, eyewear images and links to the products. They then create the layout, the 3D models of glasses and implement them in the customised app, which can be fully operational and launched within a matter of weeks. The new application is available for use on iPhone X and above and smart phones with Android 7.0 and above supported by Google Play for AR.

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