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March 26, 2018

Fashion Chrome Lenses

The new Fashion Chrome lens features a mirrored effect combined with Transitions’ XTRActive lens technology – which protects the eyes from the brightest sun and harsh artificial light.
It also allows the lenses to darken behind the windscreen of a car. 

Like Style Colours – launched in early 2017 -, the new ‘Fashion Chrome lenses activated by Transitions’ aim to bring Transitions to a younger, more style-conscious and fashion-led individual. 

The lenses have an adaptive tint that reacts to UV and small part of visible light, intensifying when the user moves from indoors to outdoors. When indoors, the lens has a fashion-led slight mirrored tint, which turns into a full mirrored sunglass outdoors, allowing the wearer to have the right tint at the right time. Six colour options are now available. for the UK /

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