Thermo Force material by ZEISS SUNLENS

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June 24, 2022

ZEISS Thermo Force represents an innovation resulting from the research of the Sunlens division at Zeiss. Described as a lens material that allows a significant reduction of infrared perceived by our eye, Zeiss explains that the infrared radiations which are part of the light spectrum, and not visible but perceived as heat, have an intensity can which has an harmful effect on the body. They penetrate the eye and the skin, overheating them and creating a state of discomfort. Thermo Force from ZEISS is a polarized polycarbonate or polycarbonate lens material which is able to absorb a significant amount of infrared radiation in the material itself. This lens allows a 92% reduction in infrared radiation, coming from a natural source, compared to a classic polycarbonate sun lens, it also offers complete UV protection (400 nm). The result, according to the lens company, is a feeling of well-being of the eyes and eyelids that are shielded by the lens. Its use is particularly suitable in situations that involve prolonged exposure to the sun to avoid situations of visual discomfort and fatigue, such as in natural environments with sand and dry areas, or in environments where there is lots of snow. ZEISS Thermo Force was launched at MIDO and is available across Europe.

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