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January 30, 2019

New progressive lens launched

Shamir has released Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ in Europe, its newest and most advanced lens design that adapts to the diverse needs of today’s presbyope.
Today, most progressive lenses utilize a “one design” concept, which provides everyone with the same solution.
To develop a lens that can adapt to diverse patient needs, Shamir embarked on an extensive research project using methods of Big Data and elements of Artificial Intelligence.
This research revealed a correlation between patients’ visual needs and their Visual Age™, which refers to the physiological age of the eye (the required addition) and is generally correlated with the patient’s chronological age.

Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ takes visual diversity into account to provide the right optical solution for patients at every Visual Age™, without the need for questionnaires or time burdensome applications. The lens is supported by three new technologies, all developed by Shamir.
The new breakthrough technologies are Eye-Point Technology AI™, Continuous Design Technology™, and Visual AI Engine™.

Eye-Point Technology AI™ utilizes Head Eye Integrative Movement software to see exactly where in the lens patients look, along both the vertical and horizontal meridian, when they perform tasks in the various visual zones.

Continuous Design Technology™ Integrates various design genes based on 12 prototypes to provide a smooth, seamless lens design concept optimized for every Visual Age™.
Visual AI Engine™ runs a multi-dimensional optimization process along the entire matrix of parameters affecting lens optimization. The complex design of Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ would have been too demanding to complete without the technology of this new engine.
Shamir Autograph Intelligence™ is available in variable and fixed designs, including 11mm, 13mm, 15mm, and 18mm fitting heights, in the full range of materials offered by Shamir.

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