SEED 1dayPure moisture

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March 12, 2019

April 2018 saw the acquisition of UltraVision CLPL by Japanese contact lens manufacturer, SEED. Currently promoting their products in Asia and a large portion of Europe, SEED have now launched their daily disposable contact lens, SEED 1dayPure moisture into the UK and Irish market.
Available in packs of 32, SEED 1dayPure moisture utilises “Alginic Acid”, a newly formulated natural moisturizing agent extracted from seaweeds such as kelp or wakame. Alginic acid attracts moisture to the patients’ eyes and retains tears on the surface of the lens, ensuring superb all-day comfort.
SEED 1dayPure moisture is manufactured from SEED’s exclusive SEED Ionic Bond (SIB) material which ensures biocompatibility, containing both positive and negative ions resulting in electrical stability. This keeps dust and impurities away from the lens, resulting in better hygiene and greater comfort.

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