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March 13, 2018

Fusion 1Day Vista

The new fusion 1day vista by Safilens made its debut at OPTI in Munich in January. fusion 1day vista is the first daily contact lens for asthenopia and features an ingenious design called D-Stress, based, in turn, on the acclaimed afocal lens design patented by Safilens and initially introduced in the presbyopia segment.

The new D-Stress geometry offers enhanced depth of field and is designed to reduce eye strain commonly associated with daily activities that over-stress proximal vision, like the prolonged use of digital devices typical of many people’s lives today. The controlled release of natural substitutes for the tear film from the lens to the eye surface ensures long-lasting comfort in dry environments, like air-conditioned offices or when blinking is reduced in frequency or is incomplete (symptoms of CVS – Computer Vision Syndrome).

Germany has long been a pivotal market for Safilens, where, since July 2017, the company has worked with MPG&E, the exclusive distributor of its products in the region. The company reported a successful event in Germany and looks forward to rolling out the product in other parts of Europe in the months ahead.

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