B.I.G. VISION™ FOR ALL – Biometric Intelligent Glasses™

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October 15, 2020

Rodenstock continues the roll out of its B.I.G. VISION™ FOR ALL – Biometric Intelligent Glasses™. The Munich-based company says this initiates a paradigm shift in individual progressive lenses through recognition that every eye is different. The lens manufacturer is measuring the individual eye and uses thousands of data points in order to produce glasses integrated with biometric intelligence for the sharpest vision. “At Rodenstock, we determine the biometrics of the whole eye. This includes its length and several thousand data points in the eye – far beyond industry standards.”, says Anders Hedegaard, CEO of the Rodenstock Group. All relevant biometric data which are determined by the combination of the DNEye® scanner with patented technologies are integrated directly into the lens, orchestrating a construction process which results in the world’s most precise lens. This biometric eye model enables Rodenstock to precisely hit the sharp vision centre of every individual eye. This provides people with the sharpest vision possible at any angle or with every gaze, both in the glasses’ peripheral zones and at distances from mid, near and far. According to the company, Rodenstock’s B.I.G. Vision™ with DNEye® Technology delivers a seamless, dynamic and natural experience that works perfectly together with the brain. B.I.G. Vision™ delivers up to 40% sharper vision at near and intermediate distances and an 8.5° wider field of sharp vision at near. When asked about their experience with Biometric Intelligent Glasses™ in a Swiss study, a high percentage of users experienced a wide-range of benefits to their vision. For example, 88 % of participants noticed greater visual comfort with their DNEye® glasses compared to their old glasses. 92 % experienced sharper vision than before, 84 % experienced better contrast vision. 87 % experienced reduced adaption time.

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