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July 30, 2019

The new variety of colours for tinted corrective and plano sunglasses

Following the launch of graduated tint and bi-colour colours in 2018, Rodenstock has expanded the range of plain colours for Rx and plano sunglasses. The new Rodenstock Core Uni colour collection offers customers a choice of 39 trendy plain lens tones. The colours, from Chestnut Brown and Smoky Grey to Pilot Green and Steel Blue, are available in different absorption levels and nuances and are also distinguished by absolute colour fidelity as well as 100% UV and anti-glare protection. Chestnut Brown, one of the three new brown tints, improves contrast perception and is optimal for outdoor activities. In the light 12% tinting, the colour is also suited to working on the PC as well as for driving a car at night, according to the company. Like the other two new grey tints, Smoky Grey also guarantees natural and unadulterated colour perception, making this colour very well suited to driving. Since grey is versatile and universal, the colour matches any type and any style as well as other colours. Green tints such as Pilot Green are similarly colour- neutral like grey lenses but are perceived to be considerably warmer.
Through improved contrast perception, they are highly recommended for sports and outdoor activities.
The Steel Blue blue tint can be worn for driving a car due to the grey fraction.
It is the perfect all-rounder for sunny days and goes with most styles and colours.

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