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March 13, 2019

Extending power ranges

In the future, Rodenstock will offer power ranges that are up to 72% bigger, thereby giving opticians even more flexibility in professional lens consulting. For the first time, customers with high prescriptions now have a choice of eight top products and all Rodenstock technologies, such as DNEye® PRO. Rodenstock expands the delivery ranges of eight top products in the three Rodenstock categories. In the future, opticians will be able to perfectly address the individual vision requirements as well as demands of customers with high prescriptions and always offer the right product. In the future, their customers will be able to choose from three progressive lenses and five premium single vision lenses. This opens up the complete selection of Rodenstock technologies including the unique and innovate 3D eye measurement from Rodenstock. DNEye® PRO technologies now enable customers even with high prescriptions to have the most individual and sharpest Rodenstock lenses. In addition, light and aesthetic lenses result in combination with the extremely thin plastic materials, which ensure optimum wearing comfort. In index 1.67, the power ranges are now from -17 dpt. to +13 dpt. and in index 1.74 from -18 dpt. to +13 dpt.

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