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July 05, 2018

Rodenstock presents the high-tech material PRO410 and the premium coating Solitaire® Protect PRO 2

The high-tech material PRO410 protects the eyes against potentially harmful, high-energy blue light and provides 100% UV protection (UVA/UVB). It ensures protection and well-being at the same time, because it filters the incident light so that the light components that are important for the biorhythm, as of a wavelength of more than 410 nm, get through the lens.
In combination with the new premium coating Solitaire® Protect PRO 2, Rodenstock proposes a solution for optimum light protection and aesthetics. Above and beyond the functional properties of the established coating Solitaire® Protect Plus 2, the new finish provides a 60% improved antireflection coating compared to current premium coatings.
This results in a higher transmission value, which benefits spectacles wearers with little ambient light (e.g. at dusk or in the night). In addition, with Solitaire® Protect PRO 2, the eyes are visible through the lenses without any colour changes thanks to the natural bronze colour of the coating.
The result is clear vision and exceptional aesthetics and a natural appearance.
With the new solution, PRO410 and Solitaire® Protect PRO 2 from Rodenstock, the optician can position himself as an expert for light protection and offer his customers the perfect combination of the best light protection and highest aesthetics, according to the company.

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