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April 09, 2018

Impression FreeSign® PRO

Rodenstock introduced the premium lens Impression FreeSign® PRO to the market at Munich’s trade fair, opti.
Impression FreeSign® PRO combines innovative Rodenstock technologies, materials as well as exclusive services and, according to the makers, provides the spectacles wearer with an outstanding vision experience and hence the highest satisfaction.

The new progressive lens benefits from a range of outstanding properties including: sharp vision with new DNEye® PRO technology; maximum visual zones thanks to Rodenstock's patented Eye Lens Technology (EyeLT®), and the best light protection through the new high-tech material PRO410 which filters the incident light and thereby protects the eyes against potentially harmful, high-energy blue light. The market launch is accompanied by a variety of marketing measures that clearly focus on the product's benefits. The optician benefits from the optimised consulting effort and a higher probability of making a sale from the offer of a premium, all-round carefree lens.

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