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September 25, 2017

Rodenstock presents new consulting approach according to the lifestyle concept

The desire for products that are individually matched to consumers is becoming more and more pronounced. At the same time, viewing habits are changing as a consequence of digitalisation. More demands are being placed on the eyes, because the spectacles wearer has to change between two different vision zones. Rodenstock, Germany’s leading manufacturer of lenses and frames, will be presenting a new consulting approach in October based on the lifestyle concept: progressive lenses that meet the demands of the respective spectacles wearer.
Thanks to Rodenstock's patented Eye Lens Technology, Impression FreeSign® 3 and Multigressiv® MyLife 2 progressive lenses are calculated on the basis of the latest physiological findings. The individual parameters are included as well with Impression FreeSign® 3. That way, spectacles wearers receive customised solutions matched to their personal lifestyles with which they can exploit 100% of their vision potential. They feel more relaxed, full of energy and capable.
With the new lifestyle concept, the optician has the possibility to choose from three prefabricated design types Active, Allround and Expert or to offer an individual solution to the demanding customer with the Individual Design. Different sized visual zones are incorporated into the lens depending on the spectacles wearer’s activity, in order to be able to offer the best vision according to individual preferences for far vision, the intermediate range and near vision.
Furthermore, Rodenstock makes two consulting tools available to support the sales conversation. By using the Windows-based Consulting Module in Rodenstock Consulting, the expert can analyse his customer's lifestyle habits together with the customer based on imagery on the screen and determine the perfect progressive lens design for that customer from the results. Guided Consulting is also available as an iPad app under the name “guided consulting”. The Virtual Consulting app for the iPad can be used in parallel to this module. With this app, the optician finds out quickly and easily which of the three predefined designs best meets the visual requirements of the customer.

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