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January 25, 2017

By patenting the first modern, framed spectacles, not only did Josef Rodenstock instantly rise up to become the court optician of the German Kaiser, but he was already considered to be a pioneer in vision, thus creating the foundation for an exemplary success story.  As a self-made man, Josef Rodenstock was convinced in 1877 that visual impairments were not a disease. He was ahead of his time focusing on the system of vision in its entirety. With this foundation, the company has been able to take a path which started with the first modern spectacles and is represented today by the 100-percent customisable progressive lens with DNEye® technology. “This was possible because in 140 years, Rodenstock consistently relied on courage to innovate, German engineering skill and the highest quality standards,” says CEO Oliver Kastalio. “Rodenstock employees in more than 85 countries and the opticians who are closely associated with us contribute a part every day to making it possible for each customer to have the best vision and looks. Rodenstock has made history with them and their engagement, and will continue to do so.” 

One of the highlights of the anniversary year is the limited anniversary frame with the name “Masterpiece”, which will be presented at OPTI Munich. With its timeless and elegant style, it has been created to repesent 140 years of
engineering skill by Rodenstock. The spectacles in a Panto shape are made of titanium.
A special 140-year Rodenstock spectacles case emphasises the exclusivity of the spectacles. 

At the same time as OPTI, the “How We See the World” exhibit in Munich’s new cultural hot spot, the “Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art” (MUCA), will make it possible to experience the history and visions of Rodenstock through its long history. For ten days, opticians, employees and the public have the opportunity to look behind the scenes at Rodenstock. The exhibition will be celebrated in a 180-page book of the same name, created in cooperation with the teNeues publishing company.
Furthermore, opticians can look forward to a great variety of supporting marketing and communication measures over the entire anniversary year. A new display window decoration and numerous individual advertising opportunities will be available to help with the presentation and sales of the products.
An extensive communication campaign including TV and online media spots, a website as well as PR and social media activities will address consumers.

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