DESÌreleases Sale & Pepe 10th Anniversary box

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March 24, 2021

Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2021, Qualimed launches the Sale & Pepe 10th Anniversary box containing monthly colored contact lenses in two new colours: Salty White and Pepper Grey. Founded in 2011, DESÌO has become an established brand, in the field of colored contact lenses. Born out of founder and CEO Tereza Uhrova’s passion for fashion and beauty and her long experience in the field of contact lenses, Uhrova chose to focus on the colored contact lens segment exclusively creating an “innovative, trendy, focal-point brand”. Today, Qualimed is the exclusive licensee of DESÌO, an innovative concept of colored contact lenses: soft, comfortable, safe and with an incredibly natural effect. The lenses are available in corrective versions (with diopters) to treat the most common ametropias: myopia, farsightedness and astigmatism. “My desire was to create a brand that would enhance the uniqueness of people and the beauty contained within each of us. DESÌO, a name which evokes the word desire, was born from here. Inspired by the world of fashion and itself becoming a source of inspiration for influencers and fashion addicts all over the world, DESÌO has become a symbol of beauty without boundaries of race, age, culture or gender. A brand that also reflects my idea of a company: an international and multi-lingual reality where people with different stories, expertise and backgrounds meet, com- pare and shape ideas", said Tereza Uhrova, founder & CEO of Qualimed.

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